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We wanted a cuisine that distanced itself as much as possible from the typical hotel style, taking shape as a quality restaurant, attentive to details, to the environment, to service and to the dishes offered.


Mornings start off with a breakfast mixed with the scent of freshly baked cereal breads, tarts, flans and plumcakes (yes, yes we make them ourselves). And then, organic jams and biscuits, blended drinks made with fresh fruit and vegetables, freshly squeezed orange juice, cold cuts, cheese and eggs cooked to order, as you best like them. You can enjoy your breakfast in the garden or on the terrace with seaview!



We have created a network of local suppliers, serious and reliable, from which we purchase fresh seasonal produce, often organic. And we are always happy to offer Ligurian recipes, because we love our regional specialities and we want to share them with travellers, also by showing them how we prepare the dishes. That’s why we have set up a professional kitchen in the garden, with captivating cooking shows under the stars.


Snacks and Lunches

Here, our guests can eat when they want, because on holiday appetite does not have schedules. Those who are not in the mood to sit at the restaurant and would instead prefer to enjoy an informal snack accompanied by the sound of the sea, from Noon to 6:00 PM in the garden we serve little lunches and delicious snacks like sandwiches, burgers, salads and fruit in the garden.

And for those who enjoy afternoon or evening snacking, we bring fruit or sorbets on the beach, while children are spoilt with the snack that beats them all: bread and Nutella or ice cream.

snacks and lunches

Aperitifs and dinner under the stars

When the sun starts to set, we begin our aperitif service: from Spritz, to Vermentino or Pigato accompanied by finger foods and nibbles.

And then there are special evenings, those featuring show cookings, barbecues, live music and bare feet in the sand…
…Tell the truth: you’re getting a bit hungry, aren’t you?

aperitifs and dinner

Our guests are Special

Who prefer Hotel La Baia


Children make fantastic guests

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Sea air is good for all ages!

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Fasten your helmets!

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why choose us

We have some very good reasons

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    Because the beach is so close that you can reach it barefoot

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    Because with all the children we welcome, we feel more like aunts and uncles rather than hoteliers

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    Because it is not true that Ligurians are ill humoured! :-)

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    As in the hotel there is parking for everyone

Why not choose us

We cannot please everyone (and we do not claim to do so)

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    Because we don't offer luxury suites

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    Because we are not formal: no customers, only friends

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    Because our spaces are not extensive, just like our Liguria

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    And our sea is our swimming pool