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Children in a hotel are like whipped cream on ice cream.

A hotel that loves children. We like to describe ourselves like this: a family that likes to accommodate other families. And that is precisely why we thought about everything you may need when on holiday with your kids, from bicycles with child seats to strollers, from a soothing night-time chamomile to a simple band-aid…

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The island of Jack Surf

Jack is a cat who loves the good life: during the summer and when the weather is nice and mild (almost year-round), he spends his time outdoors, in a protected area dedicated to children. But then he also has a den where Jack takes refuge whenever he wants: here’s yet another space dedicated to playtime, split between an area for young children (from 3 to 6 years old), colourful and cuddly, with soft and creative toys, and a space for older children (from 6 years old), with board and educational games, books, paints and temperas, Jack’s PlayStation (which we only turn on at specific times) and the full power of children’s imagination, who have decorated this “part of the island” and made it more joyful.

3 sweet and young nannies alternate every day from 10 AM to 10 PM, offering a continuous service and guaranteeing the children’s safety: it’s fun for the little ones, and it is rather convenient (and sometimes necessary) for grown-ups.


the island of Jack Surf

Have you heard the big news?
At lunch and dinner, your little ones will be under the expert care of our nanny!

Dear mums and dads, how many times while on holiday have you dreamt of sitting at the table, chatting in peace without being interrupted by the constant: “MOMMY, MOMMY”?
Now it is possible!
During meals, your little ones from 1 to 3 years of age will be looked after by our expert nanny (maximum 2 hours during lunch and 2 hours during dinner). Isn’t it wonderful?
So you can finally enjoy the moment, in total relaxation. Worry free. Stress free.
What a marvellous feeling!
It’s just another little thoughtful gift from us to you.  Even if just to brush up on the pleasure of a romantic dinner.

our nanny

The Aloha baby restaurant

The space offers a kitchenette equipped with dishes, baby food, microwave and refrigerator; children eat here, with the nanny, everybody around the table (because as we all know it, they are the most social of us all). And when everything is ready, everyone over 12 years old is out! This way we allow the younger children to feel all grown up, eating “by themselves”, without mum and dad. And everything runs smoother and is even more fun!

the Aloha baby restaurant

In room amenities

Bed rails, cribs and changing tables, but also baby baths, bottle warmers, children’s toilet seats and night-lights. Nappy disposal bins on every floor. And should you need it, we even have baby monitors available. We’re sure we’ve thought of everything, but if anything is missing, just ask.

Looking for more space for you and your children, who are no longer tiny tots? Our interconnecting family rooms offer a great solution.

in room amenities

Our guests are Special

Who prefer Hotel La Baia


Children make fantastic guests

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Sea air is good for all ages!

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Fasten your helmets!

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why choose us

We have some very good reasons

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    Because the beach is so close that you can reach it barefoot

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    Because with all the children we welcome, we feel more like aunts and uncles rather than hoteliers

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    Because it is not true that Ligurians are ill humoured! :-)

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    As in the hotel there is parking for everyone

Why not choose us

We cannot please everyone (and we do not claim to do so)

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    Because we don't offer luxury suites

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    Because we are not formal: no customers, only friends

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    Because our spaces are not extensive, just like our Liguria

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    And our sea is our swimming pool