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Here, you never put your bike away

Did you know that in this region biking can be enjoyed year-round, without freezing during the winter or melting in the summer? And did you know that Europe’s longest seaside cycle path, a good 24 km stretch obtained from an old decommissioned railway sets off from here? In all, 1,200 km of trails offering different levels of difficulty, including very easy rides, which from the coast cross through Liguria, all the way to Piedmont and France.WHAT YOU WILL FIND AT HOTEL LA BAIA

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We are very familiar with the various routes in the area and we can give you advice on the most suitable ones for you, along with information and updated maps. And then here, at Hotel La Baia you will find bike storage facilities at your disposal, together with an equipped workshop, washing facilities, a balanced diet, a hearty breakfast in the morning and energetic snacks.

what you will find at hotel la baia


Diano Marina offers well-stocked bike rental shops, where you can find road bikes and mountain bikes.

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Our guests are Special

Who prefer Hotel La Baia


Children make fantastic guests

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Sea air is good for all ages!

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Fasten your helmets!

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why choose us

We have some very good reasons

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    Because the beach is so close that you can reach it barefoot

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    Because with all the children we welcome, we feel more like aunts and uncles rather than hoteliers

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    Because it is not true that Ligurians are ill humoured! :-)

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    As in the hotel there is parking for everyone

Why not choose us

We cannot please everyone (and we do not claim to do so)

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    Because we don't offer luxury suites

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    Because we are not formal: no customers, only friends

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    Because our spaces are not extensive, just like our Liguria

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    And our sea is our swimming pool

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