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With Jack and Tippy and La Baia, it’s an explosion of joy!

With Jack on the great wave

My adventure at La Baia began purely by chance. Emanuela and Davide were walking along the beach, looking out at the horizon, when they were stunned to see a big cat busy surfing! Well, I was that cat and I used to follow “the big wave” around the seas throughout the world, but always returning to Liguria every spring. So, after making friends and discovering how much I love playing with children, they asked me to become a mascot of La Baia… and I was delighted to accept!

Tippy, beauty on a bike

Sooner or later it had to happen: I met Tippy on the Diano Marina promenade, while she was cycling, her ears blowing in the wind… a true beauty on a bike… and it was “love at first paw”! Emanuela and Davide were so happy that they made her a mascot of La Baia too. With her joy and imagination, Tippy always invents new games, involving and pampering all the children!

A summer by the sea with Jack and Tippy...

..just like in a film! The long days spent playing on the beach, the snack with a sea view, the memorable treasure hunt evenings and the fun Olympics, with dancing and laughter! With Tippy and me, a holiday at La Baia is spellbinding, like a film that leaves you stunned, in which every child is a bright little star shining in the sky of fun!

Dancing under the stars

Tippy loves dancing. It’s her greatest passion, along with bicycle outings and the sea. Ever since we got engaged, we often go dancing… it’s always a good opportunity to let loose to the sound of the most famous summer hits. Indeed, it’s no coincidence that, on Saturday evenings, Tippy organises the Baby Dance under the stars… and woe betide anyone who misses it!

Jack and Tippy in the Baia of wonders

Fairy tales are reality for all children! This is why Emanuela and Davide give the youngest children the gift of a storybook to read together, in which Tippy 😊 and I are the protagonists. It’s nice to think that every word becomes the sweet dream of a child and that, once the holiday is over, it turns into a memory of this colourful Baia of wonders!

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