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Private beach

A long and narrow beach (of course, we are in Liguria!) with soft and very fine sand and crystal-clear sea where, if you look closely, you can spot Jack Surf on his board looking for the perfect wave while Tippy relaxes under the parasol with a lot of space all to herself.

Even more space to relax and play!

A 12-metre wide and 45-metre long beach entirely reserved for our guests! Yes, now we can offer you even more space: we have 32 beach parasols well spaced from one another and a new safe fenced play area where children can have fun with the entertainment staff, participating in tournaments and group activities or even building amazing sand castles!

Even more space to relax and play!

A beautiful sea to dive into!

Without the rock barrier, the sea is even clearer and more inviting. You only need to walk a little and it becomes deeper, so you can swim and dive right away!

Children can stay close to the shoreline to play in the waves and splash around like fish in complete safety using the armbands that we provide, in the company of our caring nannies and under the supervision of our professional lifeguards.

So mum and dad can relax under the parasol while sipping an aperitif enjoying the sun for as long as they want.

A beautiful sea to dive into!

What does Hotel La Baia have to offer?

In addition to umbrellas and sunbeds, beach towels are at our guests’ disposal, together with a handy beach bag and a refreshing afternoon snack: yogurt, ice cream or bread and Nutella for children, fruit or sorbet for adults.

what does Hotel La Baia have to offer