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The inland

A region seemingly too beautiful to be real

When you realise that the scenery is changing and the vegetation is becoming lush, in a succession of palms, olive trees and flower cultivations, stunning multi-colour paintings, when the air becomes milder and terse and the see suddenly pops into view, it is Liguria that is welcoming you: you are almost there and your holiday is about to begin.

Besides the sea, all around us, a wonderful territory awaits. We have chosen to describe only a small part for you, unique destinations located a short distance from the hotel. For everything else (and there’s quite a lot, especially if you cross to the French side), you can find all relevant information at the hotel, of course, together with our recommendations.


We simply cannot let you leave without seeing it.

Cervo, just a few minutes’ drive from us, is one of those places typically described as “being so beautiful that it seems like a postcard”. So much so as to be a candidate for “The most beautiful village in Italy”. It seems like a miniature village, with narrow streets, ancient walls, vaults, arches and wrought iron signs. And when you least expect it, you find yourself face to face with the great St. John the Baptist bell-tower church, constructed in sumptuous Baroque style. Stretched out over the Diano Marina bay, at sunset the majestic structure is tinged with pink and gold, seemingly a lighthouse guiding sailors.



Approximately an hour and a half’s drive from Diano Marina, along a winding road that climbs up the Argentina Valley, lies Triora, a medieval village that dominates the valley with its 780 m of height. It is known as the village of witches, because here, in 1587, the most important trial in Italian history involving those who were considered the daughters of the Devil took place. The village still preserves the mystery of its past and its connection with witches is indissoluble. If you get the chance, spending Halloween night here, when the village transforms and you find yourself catapulted into its past of light and shadow, is a truly unique experience.



In the Nervia Valley, 10 km from Ventimiglia, wedged between the mountains and the sea, with its thick trees and Mediterranean vegetation, stands Dolceacqua, a splendid medieval Citadel crossed by the river bearing the same name. The ancient village, with its old stone houses, is populated by just over 2,000 inhabitants and the silence is such that you can hear the gurgle of the stream. The Romanesque bridge, built in medieval times and composed of a single stone arch, fascinated the great Monet who depicted it in some of his works.



Finalborgo is considered one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Liguria, but even in Italy. Surrounded by old walls, this tiny gem is crowded with small squares and winding alleys, embellished with colourful flowerpots and small gardens. The village offers enchanting views for exceptional photos, while the many typical restaurants offer excellent Ligurian specialities. Be sure to make your way up to the Castle, along the dirt path: it is a bit of a climb, but well worth it, given the truly impressive scenery.



Only mother nature is capable of creating such a work of art: we are referring to the Toirano caves, sure to charm visitors of all ages thanks to the spectacular limestone formations, Palaeolithic human footprints and the fossilised remains of an enormous bear. The itinerary is quite easy (it takes about an hour) and certain stretches, particularly narrow, make the excursion quite exciting. And then the guides are excellent.

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The Fratelli Carli olive museum is a place that definitely deserves a visit and a few good purchases. The museum is located in Imperia, in an art nouveau-style building, company headquarters in the 1920’s. The Museum offers visitors the chance to embark on a journey to discover oil, from its origins (the cultivation of olive trees dates back to 5,000 years ago) to oil production techniques, as well as a private collection of oil-related objects, most interestingly lamps and oil cruets. In the large shop, it is possible to purchase many products, from extra virgin olive oil and a selection of foods that rely on this precious ingredient, to cosmetics.

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