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Liguria: An endless wonder

Liguria’s territory is very small where the hills dip into the sea! And yet there is so much to see and do that it is almost impossible to do everything in one holiday!

“I want to ride the Vespa of La Baia, I want to ride it wherever I like!”

Forget the nightmare of moving the car: and Just like Gregory and Audrey, climb aboard the Hotel La Baia’s iconic Vespa and you’ll discover the surroundings riding the very Italian motorcycle that has delighted generations upon generations…

I want to ride the Vespa of La Baia, I want to ride it wherever I like!

Caravelle Water Park

Even if we are in Liguria with its small beautiful charming beaches, this does not mean that you cannot have fun in the swimming pools and slides of the “Caravelle Water Park”, just 30 minutes from Diano Marina).

Fun is guaranteed for everyone, adults and kids! From the slow river to the adrenaline multi-track slide to test your courage without forgetting about the kids’ fun: Kids swimming pool, snake slides, Magic Octopus, Acqua Dance and Baby Jump.

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Whale Watching

Are you thinking about an experience not to be missed in Liguria? We have the right one for you: Whale Watching in the “Cetacean sanctuary”, a protected marine area where you can admire the proud giants of the sea with a conscious and ethical approach.

Thanks to the marine biologist guide and the professionalism of the boatmen, you can see up to eight species of cetaceans: everything you have seen in books and documentaries becomes reality here. There are different departure points for the excursion, for example the Port of Andora is only 7 km away from here.

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In the Gulf of Diano Marina, there is a underwater world, a sort of underwater metropolis where you can watch a film loop of colourful fish and incredible marine habitats. The seabed in Riviera di Ponente is the best and safest for snorkelling. A holiday in Diano Marina is an opportunity to explore the sparkling Ligurian Sea.



The Ligurian Sea is like Mary Poppin’s bag! Within just a few minutes of sailing, you can dive among mysterious wrecks and fascinating marine life. That is why with all the things you can see and do in Diano Marina and the surrounding areas, we had to mention diving. Along the entire coast you can explore the seabed and swim in clean coastal environments. Capo Mimosa is only 5 minutes from Diano Marina, famous for the Pilone Nero dive site and the Scogli del Pappagallo (rocks) where you can admire among other things, yellow anemone, moray eels, ocean sunfish and red sea fan.


Cycle path

If you love being outdoors and want a perfect holiday in Liguria, jump in the saddle and cycle along “Ponente Ligure (western Liguria) cycle path”. A 24-kilometre coastal stretch between San Lorenzo al Mare and Ospedaletti, which was once the former railway track that connected Genoa to Ventimiglia. It is one of the longest cycle paths in Europe where you can safely ride. An excursion suitable for everyone, for panoramic views in the open air … and excellent gastronomy! Bike racks and gazebos for rental bikes can be found everywhere in the area.

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Pedestrian areas in Diano Marina

Summer evenings in the historic centre of Diano Marina is the best time to walk. In fact, the main roads become “Pedestrian areas” with shops open so you can go shopping with friends, drink something cool in the bars with your partner and enjoy delicious ice cream with the whole family. Thanks to no traffic, children can play safely and adults can relax chatting or laughing.

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Our guests are Special

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Sea air is good for all ages!

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Fasten your helmets!

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why choose us

We have some very good reasons

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    Because the beach is so close that you can reach it barefoot

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    Because with all the children we welcome, we feel more like aunts and uncles rather than hoteliers

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    Because it is not true that Ligurians are ill humoured! :-)

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    As in the hotel there is parking for everyone

Why not choose us

We cannot please everyone (and we do not claim to do so)

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    Because we don't offer luxury suites

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    Because we are not formal: no customers, only friends

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    Because our spaces are not extensive, just like our Liguria

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    And our sea is our swimming pool

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